HKMFTA Annual Conference 2023 香港婚姻及家庭治療協會主題會議

  • 16 Dec 2023
  • 09:00
  • 17 Dec 2023
  • 17:00
  • 實體於理工大學及Zoom 網上進行


  • For all english speaking sessions (Including:
    Key note 1, key note 3, Workshop 3.2 & Panel Talk)

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2023 HKMFTA Annual Conference 香港婚姻及家庭治療協會主題會議

Bridging Generations: Multigenerational approaches to support individual and family wellbeing

在家庭治療過程中,從了解家庭過去如何應對危機,可以讓我們深入了解受助者目前所經歷的掙扎;又通過了解各代人對壓力的反應,預測家庭未來可能遇上的功能障礙 。今年周年大會旨為提供一個跨代視角來理解家庭當前面對的難題,利用跨代家庭治療的概念來加強各成員之間的關係,探索其在原生家庭中的經驗與成長契機。

We find insights into the client’s current struggles by understanding how their family responded to crises in the past. Understanding the way in which a family responds to stress also enables us to predict the hurdles and barriers that the client may encounter in the future.

This year's annual conference aims to provide a multigenerational perspective on family therapy, and to explore ways to strengthen the relationships between family members and discover growth opportunities.

日期 Date:16-17 / 12 / 2023 (六及日)
形式 Mode:可選實體或線上參與 Can be face-to-face or Online
地點 Venue:香港理工大學 及 Zoom 網上進行 HK Polyu & Zoom online platform
費用 Fee:
Members 會員/學生 (全/兼讀):
- 半天日程: $400; 一天日程: $600 (全一天或兩節半天); 兩天日程: $1,100
Non-members 非會員:
- 半天日程: $600; 一天日程: $900 (全一天或兩節半天); 兩天日程:$1,600
English Session:
- $800 for all english speaking sessions (including: Key Note 1, key Note 3, Workshop 3.2 & Panel Talk)


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